Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas

Supporting Nablus

Nablus is the commercial centre of Palestine and a focus for education and agriculture.  Its economy has been hit by over 50 years of military occupation.  The people are amazing but are limited by constraints of travel, trade and freedom.  They struggle on with enthusiasm and fortitude.  We help by supporting education and agriculture.

FONSA strategic priorities

Supporting Students

Nablus has two important universities with impressive students. We help to support those who cannot afford the fees.

Nurses and Midwives

Medical treatment depends on qualified staff.  We help to train nurses and midwives so the people of Nablus can have world-class medical services.

Planting Olive Trees

Olive trees are the source of food and finance for many families.  The land they grow on is at risk of being stolen.  Our trees support life.

Yanoun village

We have a strong bond with Yanoun village. It is surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements which are stealing their land and making their lives difficult. Yet the people of Nablus struggle on. We have helped to repair their houses, supported their students and helped in other small ways.

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