Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas


It is your donations which can make a positive difference to the lives of people in Nablus. Please give whatever you can, whenever you can. We really appreciate a monthly commitment because (for example) it will help to fund a student through to the end of their course. All donations help the people of Nablus and surrounding areas.

There are many ways to support FONSA. What suits you?

Donate on-line

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

This is a convenient way for you to donate with a debit or credit card.

Follow the link to make a donation.

Donating via bank or cheque

Monthly payments

If you can, please make a monthly donation so that we can sustain our projects. But choose whatever suits you.

Monthly donations can be made online (see above), or through your bank; you can either set up the payment through your online banking or fill in the “Standing Order section” of our form (we will process it).

Thumbnail of FONSA donations form

FONSA donations form

Please use our donations form

Monthly payments

To donate by monthly standing order please download ourStanding Order form (PDF). 
(Alternatively we will send a form to you by post if you send send us your name and address by email or post.)

Standing order forms should be returned to:

FONSA Treasurer 
56 Hathaway Gardens 
W13 0DH

If you prefer to donate by cheque, please make it payable to FONSA and send to:

FONSA Treasurer 
56 Hathaway Gardens 
W13 0DH

It really helps if you download our Donation form (PDF). 
so that we can keep proper records. Otherwise, please make sure that you tell us:

Your name 
Your address 
Your email address 

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer please tell us so that FONSA can reclaim the tax you paid on all your recent and future donations. Please notify us if you stop being eligible to gift aid your donations.

Choose FONSA for your sponsorship

Whether you want to organise your own event, participate in an existing event, or raise money in memory of a friend or relative, we would welcome your efforts.

You will find this easier if you make use of our pages on the Virgin Money Giving web site. Here you can create a page for your event and get people to pay their sponsorship directly to FONSA including Gift Aid. We also welcome cash donations and can help you by providing suitable forms for donors to fill in.

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

This link gives full details of how to set up the pages you need. Please contact us if you would like advice or need to discuss anything.

See also our page on sponsorship.

Give gifts from FONSA

Giving one of our FONSA gifts makes a great present for friends and relatives. These are detailed on our Gifts page

Contact FONSA

Please send all correspondence about donations to:

FONSA Treasurer 
56 Hathaway Gardens 
W13 0DH

Or email us at